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Bryan Segal

VP of Canada,
Toronto, ON, Canada
Presently, working at comScore Inc. as a Vice President, Bryan has a pulse on electronic media, the future of the Internet and its full spectrum. His love of statistics and Sociology at McGill University allow Bryan a broad knowledge base. His work in theatre as well as teaching in South Korea added to his rich global views and helped him to develop a creative mindset.

Bryan's creativity, energy, and a pervasive work ethic have helped him to become enriched and knowledgeable in his industry. Bryan works with prestigious clients such as Bell Media, Astral Media, Yellow Pages Group, Facebook, TC Media, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Google Canada, Quebecor, and The Weather Network, as well as many major Canadian agencies.

In addition, Bryan is a dedicated member of the Internet Advertising Bureau and CARF Board of Directors, where he works actively to enhance digital media in Canada.

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