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Dave Videka

Rooftop Agency: Jägermeister
Toronto, ON, Canada
ROOFTOP is a versatile lifestyle agency specializing in BTL activities such as music / entertainment, event marketing, and content creation. From concept to execution, we have a number of divisions that are dedicated to working side by side with a brand.

Our team has spent countless hours debating and segmenting consumer groups from the ages of 16 to 55. Couple that with our expansive working history – music industry, event marketing & media/content creation – and you have 50 years of experience at your disposal.

Our staff are the best at what they do because they are the consumers your brand is looking to reach.

In a joint effort with our partners at Jägermeister over the last 6 years, ROOFTOP has grown from a singular focused entity - developing a Jägermeister music division to add to their portfolio - into a full service agency offering a multitude of brand integration options.

This partnership has allowed us to become specialists in the Canadian spirits, events, marketing & promotion industries. ROOFTOP has forged relationships with the majority of all venues, and accounts from coast to coast. From the underground speak easy club down a back alleyway, to the largest arenas in Canada, we’ve worked and done an event there.

To put a number to it, ROOFTOP execute, on average, a grand total of over 1,000 events & activations each and every year.