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Jean-Marie Heimrath

President & CEO,
The Podcast Exchange
Jean-Marie has proven track record across an array of communication channels demonstrating a unique understanding of where technology, media, and audiences converge. An innovator and thought leader, his background includes leveraging longstanding relationships with print media, radio, television and digital, bringing these audiences into conversations with major brands across Canada.

As President of Standard Broadcasting’s Sound Source Networks, and in senior positions with some of the country’s leading media enterprises, Jean-Marie has built a reputation for providing insight and passion to companies searching for a way forward in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Jean-Marie’s latest venture, The Podcast Exchange, is garnering attention here and south of the boarder, attracting major US producers who want to better monetize the Canadian segment of their audience. With TPX, Jean-Marie is exploring new ways to communicate with Canada’s growing mobile listenership using research-driven strategy and geo-targeting. TPX is focused on nurturing a more profitable relationship between agencies, advertisers and podcast publishers.