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Rosanna Granieri

Issy les Moulineaux, FRANCE
Born in Montreal, Rosanna Granieri studied Political Economy (University of Paris 8 - Vincennes), Law (University of La Varenne St-Hylaire) and Advertising (University of Montreal). She began her career in the French music sector in 1977.

When she returned to Canada in 1990, she was involved in almost every aspect of this industry (show, management, promotion, publishing, journalism, record company ...), concentrating mainly her work on the promotion and the development of world music.

She relocated in Europe in 1997 and became co-director of the international music network Zone Franche for 2 years and then successively director of export and international development at Night & Day, Inca Production and M10.

Responsible for Europe for the Quebec production house Les Disques Victoire from 2006 to 2016, she accompanied the international development of the artists in their catalog, notably Mes Aïeux and Alexandre Poulin. Personally, she’s also manager of the electro-world group "Orange
Blossom" (France-Mexico-Egypt) and editor of Les éditions Nasaro.

In addition to these activities, she set up an international development consultancy in January 2004. This activity was integrated with the company she founded in 2008.: S.P.A.C.E.

Its main purpose: all transactions relating to the promotion, negotiation, purchase and marketing of music-related products.

Its complimentary activities: career management of artists, production and distribution of records for export, phonographic publishing.

It also covers the distribution and the export of music via a strong network of labels and partners: The Other Distribution - Celluloid - Grounded Music - Masq - Stardown - Washi Washa ...

S.P.A.C.E.S artists are: Electro Deluxe (Stardown) - Isabelle Longnus (Inter Muses) - Orange Blossom (Washi Washa) - Pablo Moses, Sam Mangwana & Wasis Diop (Grounded Music) as well as numerous singers and jazz\world music artists from the catalog of the independent distributor L'Autre Distribution.

Its territories covered are mainly: Germany / Austria / Benelux / Canada / Spain / France / Italy / Poland / United Kingdom / Russia / Scandinavia / Switzerland ...

It also handles digital distribution by Believe Digital and acts as an associate producer in the management of the following artists: Orange Blossom (France-Mexico-Egypt) - Toumanian Mek (France-Armenia)