ZOLA, an old soul in a young body, is a 23 year old singer and songwriter hailing from San Francisco, CA. With picturesque lyrics and a soulful breathy cadence, ZOLA is a unique genre-bending gem in the often oversaturated world of pop. The young songstress surprises her audience with her wise songwriting and clever combination of soul, jazz, R&B and indie-pop. ZOLA brings a depth to her music that is beyond her years. She is a rare voice hellbent on redefining what it means to be a singer/songwriter in the age of technology.
This past year, she has performed with The Big Quiet during one of their mass mediations and at Maison Margiela in San Francisco for a charity event for the Make A Wish Foundation. ZOLA loves performing at events that go beyond music and watching a band perform but rather bring people together through conversation, sound, cause and words.