Afrobeat, Patois pop, Reggae
When Z!EE (pronounced “Zee”) is not blazing the stage at night with powerful music, he is somewhere in the inner city of Brooklyn, NYC writing his next hit to record in the studio.

Whether chatting smooth Afrobeats lyrics, rapping or singing melodious Reggae vocals, Z!EE keeps his crowd engaged and entertained.
Seeking greater opportunities in New York City, Z!EE’s mother quickly migrated to Brooklyn, bringing the teen-aged Z!EE along with her as a way to keep him away from trouble in the dangerous streets of Toronto. With music being ingrained in his being since the age of 4, Z!EE continued to hone his craft. Attending college by day and performing at venues across the city at night. Z!EE began to make a name for himself amongst his musical peers.

After performing as the first Reggae/Dancehall artist to bless the stage on BETs 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday, Z!EE continues to perform in various venues across the United States, Canada and Jamaica. Z!EE aspires to create classic albums through interweaving the Reggae/Dancehall, R&B, Afrobeats and Hip Hop genres. With albums that will serve as a testament to the great artist that he is, by spreading good vibes of his music to the world, Z!EE believes his purpose will have been accomplished.