World Music
Sando Cynthia real born name ASSEANE TAKHIYA Cynthia was born in Goma, the
Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo on 20 th 12/1996 into an exceptional
family, an artistic one as her father, a songwriter, guitarist and singer started
coaching her since her childhood. Inspired by female Congolese artists and others
from all over the world, she took a great interest in professional music career in 2014
but started really her professional career in 2017. She likes learning new stuffs
especially in music.
As a professional musician artist, she released in 2019 her first album that has as
title: ‘’La Vie Est Belle’’, meaning ‘’Life Is Good’’ in English. It’s composed of 8 tracks,
a real expression of the diversity of inspiration.
Her music is World Music, a mixture of many genres expressing freedom. It’s not
imprisoned by a single genre but open to the diversity and infinity of inspiration. It’s a
walk around the universe helping to admire and recognize both the beauty and value
of diversity.