Rompiste Mis Flores was born in Heredia Costa Rica
during the summer of 2015. Her first concert took
place within the Quaternary Club, BDSM’s house in

Costa Rica. Later she participated in collective con-
certs in cultural centers of her country such as Amón
Solar and El Farolito.

Its sound travels through several dimensions. It’s the
sweet and the acid, it’s soft and aggressive. It’s the

bonfire in the midst of a relentless storm and desolation
in the middle of the hottest summer.

If the evil is conceived for the author, it would move
among the leaves of the rainforest, through the mud
between the fingers, the black eyes that stalks whom
lose the way, the mystery of the Santeria.

Rompistes Mis Flores have recently played in Monterrey and CDMX
in México (2018-2019). Also, RMF played in Berling and Leipzig, Germany (2019).