Probably the Eminem of country music. Not actually, but her music will either piss you off, or make you fall in love with her. Maybe both. Regardless of whether it rhymes, whether it’s polite, or even proper English, if it needs saying, Robyn IS the one to say it. What’s it like? It’s either really funny, or really heartbreaking, but in every song you’ll hear a detailed account of what it’s like to grow up, screw up, and straighten up. If you want to get to know Robyn, the best place to start is listening to her music.
Despite her 2019 CMA Ontario Rising Star nomination, Robyn is as much of a country- fan as she is a country-artist. The effort she puts into building a career as an artist is equally matched by her love for attending every country concert that comes to town, buying some drinks, and singing every word to every song. After performing Boots & Hearts in 2016, the demand for her quirky, energetic, live show has continued to grow, and has led to sharing the stage with Jess Moskaluke, Eric Ethridge, Cold Creek County, and more.
Between the quirky-awkward-hilarious songs like Him Problem, Good Shit, and the heart-wrenching songs like I Get It, Robyn’s racked up her first 250k streams in 2019. With new music being released in early 2020, expect to feel sadder, madder, stronger and more hopeful than you ever have.