Nottingham, England
Revenge of Calculon are just big ol’dirty electro funk. If you like your left-field Sci-Funk wrapped up in a neat bundle by a bunch of guys wearing Mexican wrestling masks and tracksuits, this is the band for you.

Formed by synth freak Sonic Abuser & heavy bassist Mr JC9000 as a skin-tight duo back in 2015, they’ve playing shows from record stores in Iceland, to psychedelic VR gigs at Comic-Con and everything in-between.

Apart from chaotic (and sometimes erotic) live shows, the band have had their music used on all sorts of weird reality TV shows in the US and UK including ‘Toddlers in Tiaras’ ‘Teen mom’ and ‘Made in Chelsea’ as well as being featured on BBC 6music mixtapes. Lead synth master Sonic Abuser even managed to moonlight as part of the in-house band on UK CH4’s hit TV show ‘The last leg’.

With six 7” vinyl releases to date, along with some sleazy promo videos involving a 1970’s Cadillac coupe de ville and a fist full of fake dollars, Revenge of Calculon are currently working on their first full length LP with guest rapper Motormouf.

“Like the soundtrack of a 1970s Blaxploitation sci-fi movie”
(Life in the vinyl lane)

“Dumper truck of funk”
(The Brooklyn Vegan)

“Seriously weird, seriously great”
(Louder than war)

“Fabulous, by the way”
(Trip advisor)