Alternative Pop
Eavesdrop on a conversation. In the metro, at the café, in that little shop selling quirky sunglasses that’s all over Instagram with the #mileend. If the person next to you was Reno McCarthy, he’d probably be with a friend, candidly reminiscing on nights spent at the local bar falling in love with a stranger he’s never spoken to. You’d hear about how easily he’s losing touch with reality lately, how inadequate he feels when reminded of the year of his birth and how he’s not sure if his hair is ok today: it does that little twisty thing in the back again. You wouldn’t recognize him in the tall, nervous boy from Montreal, ordering a whiskey neat and a salad, no dressing.

You wouldn’t recognize him because you’d probably have seen him on stage, perfectly at ease in his personal sonic wonderland, the most comfortable space he can possibly be in. But the real comfort there wouldn’t come from the confidence in his skills or the genuine drive behind his songs. It would have nothing to do with the years spent alone, crafting seductive grooves and discovering his melancholy croon: “Real comfort comes from disappearing with whoever’s listening. The world pauses for a moment, simplifies everything. It’s like our collective brain gets quiet, it’s a collective sigh of relief” McCarthy, says.

The release of Reno McCarthy’s debut album Counterglow in may 2019 marked the end of a coming of age; The young alternative-pop artist closed a chapter of his life. His newest single, “Be There” is warm, cozy and unusually intimate, and the striking duality between McCarthy’s poise and heartfelt vulnerability is displayed in full effect.