A rave-ready Caribou, a darker Chemical Brothers, a friendlier Crystal Castles: That’s who Paulo Sinski & his two-piece “Microband” sound like. ​​​​​​​In simpler terms; they’re a lush, high-gloss, indie dance type band.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

When the Microband was conceived in 2019, Paulo had been promoting, DJing and independently releasing dance music for several years. With drummer Hector Alonso Costa, the Microband revisits these early productions and remixes them on stage with live keyboards, pounding drums, and unpredictable arrangements. Using a minimal setup the Microband aims for the sweet spot between Warp Records & noise rock.

Active since November, the Microband has been busy all year, playing shows in Canada and writing new material. In 2020, Paulo plans to take the Microband on the road so they can sharpen their live set to a fine point before they head back to the studio and record their debut.