Morning Show was founded in 2013 by three songwriters who needed an alternative creative outlet to the bands they were currently occupied with. Ethan Henthorn lived in Victoria at the time, and the other two resided in the greater Vancouver area so progress was made via Skype, dropbox, and regular weekend writing sessions. Morning Show released their first offering in 2016, a refined and polished indie rock EP entitled “Prom Theme” but Soon after, catalyzed by an stark awakening from producer and friend Colin Stewart that the new songs were boring, the band’s creative branch condensed to a duo and a new approach was implemented. An approach cheekily dubbed “Freedom – Train” …all aboard, choo-choo.

Morning Show has taken an unusual route through early band-hood that has seen them enter as a young, polished act that promised refined, clean cut indie-rock songs but instead has slowly stripped the paint off and decided to reveal their bumps and bruises. Their debut album ‘Wine’ documented this departure, emphasized in songs like “Keep Your Hands Up” and “Another One” where the band doesn’t shy away from strange and unusual arrangements, nor traditional indie rock tropes.

Set to release the first single off their upcoming record in January of 2020, Morning Show will continue the act of peeling back the facade and welcoming the listener into their world. The upcoming album entitled “Come Around” and unreleased single “Baby, Can You Drive Me Home?” were both recorded over six months in duo Ryan Stephenson and Ethan Henthorn’s house in Vancouver, produced by roommate, brother and friend Shane Stephenson of Listening Party, and promises to be their most honest and revealing yet.