Baroque-Pop, Art-Pop
Laura Hickli is an award-winning baroque-pop songstress making waves across North America with her captivating performance, ethereal
soundscapes, and mental health war cries. She writes intense, saturated, and emotional songs that leave you momentarily breathless and vividly
aware of your humanity. Her entrancing, cinematic music draws you into the intimate world of shadow-self only to shake you awake with bold and unexpected explosions of struggle, resilience, and hope.

Soon after recording and producing her upcoming album during a residency at the world-renowned Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity, Hickli left her job as an educator at The National Music Centre (Canada) and moved into a van with her sister and partner to tour the world indefinitely. Her self-produced debut album ‘​Flowstate​’ scored the film ‘​Hide Away​,’ directed by Julie Whelan and was awarded the ‘​Best Mental Health Short​’ at Short Film Breaks Festival in Romania. Her music video ‘​Midnight​,’ directed by Doug Cook is the winner of ‘​Best Music Video​’ at The Edmonton Short Film Festival, and AMPIA. This spring she was inducted into the ​Top 100 National Artists​ in CBC Searchlight, and is now appearing internationally on front page features in Seattle’s Guitar Girl Magazine and Backbeat Seattle.

Hickli also appears in several international recordings including the SAY Shortlisted record, ‘Impossible Stuff’ by Carla J. Easton produced by Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen.) She has toured this record in the UK with notable performances including headlining Celtic Connections (Glasgow, UK), and two live performances on BBC Radio (Scotland, England.) Hickli is also touring internationally as the guitarist/vocalist in the critically-acclaimed Western Canadian Music Award-Winning rock band, ‘ 36?.

“A true artist that does not shy away from digging deep within, to find that vulnerable space, to bring it to the surface, and then shine a light on it for all to see.” – Empire Music

“For the past few months Laura and her talented band have been maintaining a relentless touring schedule around the US and Canada. I recently toured the US West Coast shortly after Laura had played the same circuit. In a number of cities audience members approached me – “You’re a Canadian band? Have you heard Laura Hickli? She just played here and blew everyone’s minds!” I don’t know of many other groups who can make an impression like that after one show in a new market.” – Kevin Romain (Artist Associate ​Director) Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity

Six months into her ambitious North American Tour, Hickli is perpetually gaining new fans and performance opportunities in hundreds of cities. Sitting on a heavy-hitting second album with plans to work with a Grammy Award-Winning producer, the future is nothing short of exciting for Laura Hickli and her band.