soul, pop, hip hop, rock
We are an art collective stemmed from the mind of Mark Lingelbach, with a lot of help from his friends. Named after Bob Marley and Peter Tosh’s much loved strain of marijuana, Lambs Bread, also known as Lambs Breath. We have a sound that is derived from Reggae with many of our songs melodies hitting on the offbeat. It is done with such a twist of instrumentation and influences such as Jeff Buckley, Amy Winehouse, Lorn or even Sting of the police. We have created a darker toned genre bending sound that is both unique and nostalgic.

You can always expect the unexpected when seeing a Lambsbreath performance. With a constantly expanding force of guest artists (both on record and stage) a comedic front man, and a high energy Rhythm section. we will get you dancing, head banging, or holding your loved one as Lambsreath Kroons.

Music that is sending a message of moving forwards through loss, working hard to create art or achieve goals, learning through failures and enjoying the ride. We as Lambsbreath value good art, the quality of life for ourselves and others, and a richness in our souls through friendships, creations and experiences.