Joéllen is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose raw sound and talent is helping to shape the new wave in Toronto R&B. Delivering soulful music with a nostalgic 90’s aura, Joéllen’s strong songwriting captures fans while taking listeners on a journey of lush melodies and thought provoking lyrics.“I want my audience to feel that I’m being real, that I’m being raw and unfiltered, and I want women to feel strong in their vulnerability”. While being heavily influenced by Drake and the late Aaliyah, perfecting her craft is something she strives on. Her sound, cultivated by years of writing and recording in her own bedroom, brings an element of intimacy that separates Joéllen from the rest. Her passion for basking in music of all types, letting it soak into her, and then using it to create something fresh and exciting is something that will only continue to grow with time. Her fresh take on R&B is a sound yet to be heard.