Indie Hip Hop
iaamSaam is a multidisciplinary musician, singer-songwriter and producer. She released her debut EP ‘PsychEval’ in 2017. Short for psychiatric evaluation, PsychEval is simply her diary. A composition of vivid storytelling and emotionally fluid production, the project takes you through her history with grief. This landed her a spot on Red Bull Music Academy’s 2017 Bass Camp roster. She followed that up with her sophomore project, ‘iaamGangster’ in 2018. The first single earned her a placement on CBC’s ‘Coroner’. She was later asked to perform at NXNE. The female perspective is often omitted in hip hop and while many females have risen over the years, there are still so many stories and characters that have gone undiscovered. iaamSaam is looking to cement her place and provide a sonic oasis for people who walk through the world in shoes similar to hers.