Indie Folk
Thijs Kuijken, the pivotal force behind Utrecht alt-folk/slowcore formation I Am Oak, has been an artist who explores rather than reveals.

That particular mindset is beautifully reflected in his music: always adrift in reverie, modestly surrendering to the moment, as his honeyed voice pleasantly rests between sound and poetry. Kuijken has the rare gift of transmuting his feelings and thoughts into natural phenomena and landscapes, operating on a similar wavelength as, for example, Bill Callahan, Sufjan Stevens, Red House Painters, and Low.

On the new full-length Osmosis, released internationally September 6 on Snowstar Records, Kuijken reveals the origin of I Am Oak’s intuitive work for the very first time. Kuijken challenged himself on a compositional level as well, frequently exchanging the guitar for the piano, breaking free from his own tendencies and patterns, coming up fresh angles. As a result, Osmosis is I Am Oak’s most sonically diverse and vibrant record to date. The accompanying artwork and pictures Kuijken made are an extension of this; the familiar elements are still present, though rearranged in an abnormal otherworldly way.