Alternative Pop
Hildegarde is a duet composed of Justine Girard (Saguenay), and Carlyne Poizeau (region of Burgundy, France). It is in Montreal in 2016 that they would eventually meet, and one year later they decide to combine their common passion for musical composition : they create Hildegarde.
The two female singer/songwriter/composers blend their musical influences such as rock, RnB or electro music and draw from bands such as Radiohead, Milk & Bone and Lianne La Havas. They join in the pop alternative culture by using rich melodies and vocal harmonies – somewhat of a signature of their music – to create something as moving as it is captivating.
With their first EP, Hildegarde invite us to dive into their universe by sharing their thoughts and an invitation to self-inquiry.
Stay or Leave? This is the question asked throughout the EP. Stay, go all the way despite the doubts, the barriers and the desire to try again.
Hildegarde offer a sonic research, whether it’s guitar or bass, with effect pedals or with different types of synthesizers. Each song is marked by a singular sound, while being contrasted by soft and floating melodies and an solid rhythm.