Hailing from the city of Hamilton, Ontario – FOOL’S UNION like to play rock music. It’s true, and they do it very well. Formed from the ashes of various dead bands (too morbid?), FU is a rock ‘n’ roll Vulcan mind meld of longtime friends. Nick Cino (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Dave Marini (Bass, Vocals) met in elementary school and have been songwriting collaborators since they learned how to play their first E-chord. They were soon joined by Jon Daly (Lead Guitar) and Adam Cannon (Drums, Vocals), who took things to the next level with their uncanny musical abilities. Throughout it all they’ve had one mission: write big, catchy rock songs with loud guitars, big drums, and soaring vocals. When playing venues throughout Canada, the US, and Europe, the band would often get told to “turn the guitars down”. Well screw that.

Growing up on 90’s rock, Fool’s Union aren’t afraid to turn up the guitars a little more, belt the vocals out a little louder, and leave everyone with their ears ringing in the best way possible. The band is known for their love of groups like Foo Fighters, Oasis, Black Crowes, Biffy Clyro, Incubus and Weezer.

After years of using bigger recording studios, the band pulled a George Lucas and went independent, using the money made from years of gigging to purchase their own recording equipment and set up a home studio. The freedom to write and record at their own pace and explore ideas resulted in five new singles which the band is unleashing on the world.

Their 4th single, “Under The Thunder” is an epic rock ballad for the ages. The track is accompanied by a cheeky video about the love between a man and his puppet. “Under The Thunder” is the follow up to “Break Through”, “Safety Deposit Box”, and “Live Action”. The band is currently writing new material for a full length album.