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Erez Zobary came into her voice in her late teens. Despite debilitating vocal nodules killing her upper register, her lifelong dedication to music helped Erez overcome the trials of restriction and limitation, and perfect the gruff tones and sultry alto she rocks today. Like the sexy voice you get when you have a cold you wish would never go away, Erez has a unique personal sound that’s become unmistakable in a crowd. Raised on Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse, Erez blends the sounds and styles of her youth with more contemporary and electronic influences.

For the last five years, all while pursuing a Bachelor of Education, Erez has played a series of concerts to growing audiences around the country, from more intimate venues like The Supermarket and Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, to packed theatres at TEDxQueensU in Kingston, and the National Music Centre in Calgary, as a participant in the RBC Master in Residence Program with Steven Page. Both on and off the stage, Erez uses social media in a natural and carefree way, harnessing it like an improv tool: taking requests, answering questions, and engaging everyone in the music and the moment. Performing with an unpretentious and charismatic style, her intention is to curate connectivity and strengthen the relationship between the sound, the space, and the people.

Consistent with her dedication to fostering a supportive musical community, Erez has released 3 EPs in collaboration with various artists, including Enoch Ncube of MONEYPHONE, and Brahny, to create music that combines her unique sense of storytelling with experimental sounds, and diverse genres.

All of this has led Erez to July Clouds, her latest project recorded entirely ‘en plein air’ like the great Canadian painters, outdoors in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. The eight-song album plays the way it feels to be up north on a warm summer evening, with people you love the most, where you can be your truest self. Careless and free, all pink sky, ice cold beer and deep soul sounds. July Clouds blends vibrant, up-beat sounds with more intimate and melodic songs; it explores themes of love, loneliness, jealousy, nostalgia and growth. With the success of the LP’s first single Before I Knew You making it onto Spotify’s Fresh Finds, the July release is set to introduce Erez to wider audiences, both locally and internationally.