Charlottesville, Virginia
Rap/ Hip Hop
WHITE AND WILD MEETS BLACK AND MILD……… ZacMac and Gordo4sho or together known as EquallyOpposite! an alternative hip hop duo from Charlottesville Virginia. Compared to the likes of The Gorrilaz, BoneThugs N Harmony, a mix of odd Future with a twist, ZacMac And Gordo4sho are ready to try the world by storm by any means and they hope all of the E-Opiens in the world are willing to join. The two linked up in 2015, and have made pretty good progress, in and out of there own country so far. Combining what you WANT to hear, with what you NEED to hear, they are packaged with a very energized and laid back presence on and off stage. Their chemistry together is flawless when working off each others approach and action on a song , and even better when performing live. Coming from two completely different backgrounds, Their lyrics are described as fun, yet Conscious, dark, yet, sunny. Their sound also sounds like it can be a fusion between alternative rock, jazz, trap, electric soul, R&B, EDM or Future Bass. These two are bound to bring the melodic and chaotic fans being the little people for the people who want to be big, together to make something beautiful.