Electronic Dream pop, psychedelic rock
Ella Contra El Tigre is a project created by Karla González. I have been an independent artist for 15 years, I composed songs with self-healing goals and the experiment to reunite genres I like, so found a catalyst for all my angry. I like share energy, that´s how I been working all this years (Full band Format), so I told two Friends to play this songs with me and the project started to have a deepest meaning. came from a family that lives in the culture of ayahuasca and peyote, in Mexico we call this lifestyle “Camino Rojo”, that´s why the name of this first álbum released on February 2019. the EP sonorizes a spiritual desert travel from the dark to the illumination.
we have 2 years perfecting our performance to transmit the message of the show, we found a sound that goes through Shoegaze, Dream pop, Punk and psychedelic stoner rock.