Dope Earth Alien has a voice that needs to be heard. The project of Toronto-born singer and songwriter Kenisha Humber, DEA is the culmination of years of soul-searching from studying in Boston to living in the Hackney borough of London. In the midst of an unexpected musical hiatus spent questioning what it means to be an artist and a human, Dope Earth Alien was born.

Inspired by her time in Hackney, DEA worked with local producers to cultivate a signature R&B sound which layers textural vocal complexity with emotional heft and lyrical levity in the storytelling tradition of old school hip hop.

A self-professed chic geek with a little touch of hood, DEA embraces naturalism and celebrating the beauty in being real. In a world where it often takes being exceptional for black girls to have a seat at the table, Dope Earth Alien advocates for the representation of black femininity in its multitudes, particularly for the lowkey and quirky girls who continue to seek mainstream visibility. Just like her powerful voice cuts through her beats to your soul, her authenticity cuts through the noise of those doing the most, showing the next generation of dope earth aliens out there that they are beautiful and their voice deserves to be heard.