Alternative Pop, Indie Space Rock, Shoegaze, Space-Pop
Bluish (fka Veer) are a Lisbon based dream-pop duo with a distinctive 80s synth sound.
Vera Vaz (vocals, keyboard) and João (vocals, guitar) had their big debut May 6 2017 at St. George’s Church in Lisbon. One year later, in 2018, they booked their first European Tour through 7 different countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, UK and Netherlands, where they played Groningen’s most inconic venue VERA. On Our Own (2018), their latest EP recorded by Rui Antunes, is out now and available on all usual platforms. Although it may be the band’s first official record, with it, Bluish show the growth potential both as simultaneously an already well-developed sound. Minimalist, blending synth and guitar together as one, combining dream pop with shoegaze, Bluish’s atmosphere comes to life and with every track they cast an enchanting spell over the audiences, the resulting sound could quite easily be heard in a David Lynch movie.