“Memorable, powerful, anthemic, and all in an indie-prog/jazz-core, Bellflower is an incantation of outer limits, and gorgeous attention to symmetry. ” Following a more-than-80 date tour across Canada and Europe, as well as acclaimed appearances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Calgary Folk Fest, Canada Scene and Festival d’Été de Québec, Montreal outfit Bellflower now present its 3rd album “Upside Down”. With this new album, the octet led by Em Pompa preserves its signature sound: strong hooks brush up against captivating orchestral arrangements and multiple instrument layers. Bringing together some of the greatest musicians of the Montreal music scene, the outfit has a sound that is as unique as it is powerful. Bellflower’s ingenuity seems limitless; it’s not quite pop, and it’s not quite alternative. Renowned by the press like one of the great album of 2019, “Upside Down” follows “The Season Spell” which was released in 2016. With this stunning new album and the tour dates that line up for 2020, the band has a promising year ahead of them.