Alternative Pop
Arsoniste (pronounced ‘Are-Sun-East’) is the moniker of Rachel Sunter, a singer-songwriter living in Halifax, NS. Soulful and contemplative, her lyrics brave the depths of messy relationships and dysfunctional head spaces. Inspired by piano-heavy artists like The National and Radiohead, with the pop sensibilities of Lana Del Rey and Coeur De Pirate, Arsoniste embraces and reworks the pop genre, adding flourishes of unexpected complexity that reveal a playful, intellectual approach to songwriting.

Growing up in a musical family in Ottawa, with trumpet, piano, guitar, and a decent record collection, Arsoniste moved to Nova Scotia to study philosophy and journalism. By the end of her degree she was touring across Canada and the US with her first band, SoHo Ghetto, before releasing her debut EP in 2015. A regular performer at piano-bars, Arsoniste has a passion for stripped down acoustic performances, which she films in beautiful spaces, and releases in her “Wooden Piano Live” Youtube series. She is currently producing her first LP and dropping singles in 2020.