Doug Harris

Noisemaker Communications

Houston, TX, USA

With a creative legacy than spans thirty years in marketing and a stable of broadcast clients around the world, Doug Harris has earned a reputation as the world's premiere broadcast marketing consultant. A former Billboard Magazine Promotion Director of the Year, a 2011 Inductee in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, and the recipient of dozens of industry accolades, Harris has made a practice of out-thinking, rather than outspending his competitors in ratings and revenue battles, and has demonstrated a unique ability to blend the needs of programming with those of sales. A film critic for NASA’s Third Rock radio station and a frequent speaker at gatherings of broadcast professionals, Harris has addressed marketing groups in twenty-six foreign countries on five continents and was a featured presenter at the NAB Europe for eight consecutive years. As President of Creative Animal International and Chief Creative Officer of Noisemaker Communications, Harris creates clutter-busting campaigns for a wide variety of clients worldwide.