Thursday 09/10/2020
Grand West
12:45PM - 2:15PM
(1 hour 30 minutes)

“Radio Talks” Presentations

The Broadcast Innovators

The Golden Age of Audio is upon us. Never has the traditional world of broadcasting experienced this much disruption with the arrival of digital technology. Radio survived the introduction of television, the internet and gaming and is now entrenched in meeting the challenge and embracing the opportunity of the new world of “audio”. In this special Radio Active Premium session, you’ll hear from 5 individuals who have led the charge and are already impacting the business in this special “Radio Active Talks” presentation.

- Sarah Cummings -
Bell Media. Program Director, CHUM Toronto. Morning Show Re-boot-The challenge of replacing a heritage morning show host and maintaining ratings dominance. Sarah will give you the inside look as to how Bell Media created a strategy around 1) choosing a new host, 2) making sure the new host fit in to a well- established structure and culture and 3) create long term ratings stability and growth.

- Steve Parkinson -
Managing Director National Radio – Bauer Media U.K. Listening to radio in the U.K. is alive and growing. And that includes time spent listening with young audiences. Steve will talk about Bauer Media’s keys to how they have embraced “audio” on both traditional and digital platforms that have resulted in impressive ratings on their UK and European properties.

- Tracy Johnson -
President & CEO, Tracy Johnson Media Group. Taking Talent to the Next Level. Legendary broadcast consultant and talent coach Tracy Johnson shares insight for programmers to coach radio personalities with surprising advice: He will share five primary reasons management should TREAT THEM LIKE DOGS! Yes… how to raise healthy, loyal and well-adjusted talent!

- Leslie Merklinger -
Senior Director, Audio Innovation, CBC Radio & Audio. Podcasting – Leading the charge in Canada. Hear the fascinating story about the CBC’s bold and aggressive move into podcasting. What essentially began as a 2-person startup 6 years ago within a legacy media company that came with different hiring models, content tone & style, visual presence (video), new sales opportunities, competition, distribution models and audience building strategies, CBC podcasts now stand at the head of the class. You’ll come away with some great insight and key learnings from first-hand experience in the podcasting world!
Pat Holiday
Toronto, Canada
Leslie Merklinger
Sr. Dir. Audio IOnnovation
CBC Radio / Radio-Canada
Toronto, Canada
Sarah Cummings
CHUM FM (104.5)
Toronto, Canada
Tracy Johnson
Talent Coach, founder and President of TJohnson Media, and President/CEO of CSaw
Tracy Johnson Media Group
San Diego, USA