Wednesday 09/09/2020
VIP Room
11:00AM - 11:50AM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

The Lost Art of Story Telling: How to Improve Your Spoken Word Content

When you tell a great story, you connect with people, engage them emotionally, and keep them coming back for more. Stories are the essence of radio and audio, from quick breaks on a CHR station to long form podcasts and artist interviews. Stories form the foundation of human communication. In this panel, we will explore the foundations of a great story, how to grab a listener’s attention and keep it, how to use tension, silence and drama, and how make your subject matter to people and make them invest in your story. On-air performers will come away armed with the tools to engage their listeners, and PDs will leave understanding how to help their talent tell better stories and how to use storytelling to advance their career.
Dave Farough
Programming | Talent Coach

Toronto, Canada
Christian Hall
National Program Manager
Harvard Broadcasting
Calgary, Canada
Maureen Holloway
CHFI-FM (98.1) Toronto's Perfect Music Mix
Toronto, Canada
Stu Jeffries
Morning Show Host boom 97.3
CHBM Boom 973
Toronto, Canada