Wednesday 09/09/2020
Grand West
2:30PM - 3:20PM
(50 minutes)

Keynote Presentation

Keynote with Matt Britton

America’s leading expert on GenY and Z consumers, having consulted for over half of the Fortune 500 for two decades. His ability to connect the dots between the new consumer culture of today and the business trends of tomorrow offers unique value for his clients. Television as we know it will soon be no longer, yet content is the new king of Silicon Valley, as evidenced by Apple recently announcing a $6B investment in original content. The radio industry is now experiencing a parallel disruption that will create both opportunities and challenges in the years ahead. How are Gen Z’s audio consumption habits signaling the end of Radio 1.0? Where will advertisers look next for critical mass? What’s the expected impact of 5G on broadcast media, and how could the evolution of the television model pave the course for a new era in Radio? Matt Britton provides some fascinating insights on these, and a heavy dose of reality to anyone interested in the future of radio.
Matt Britton
Founder & CEO/Youth Demographic Expert/Best Selling Expert
New York, USA