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Panel Details
Thursday 04/20/2017
Sheraton Hall A/B
11:10AM - 12:00PM
(50 minutes)


Re-inventing Radio & Storytelling in the Multi-Connected Life

The multitude of devices has brought about a multi-connected life. Between streaming services and twitter news feeds, PokemonGo and Linkedin marketing, what will be the role of radio tomorrow?

Mixd-Reality tools (AR, VR, smart objects) are suddenly allowing radio broadcasters to tell more immersive and interactive stories. This important paradigm shift comes with a whole new potential but harnessing it requires an understanding of what’s going on and, more importantly, where it’s going...

According to Jonathan Belisle, digital storyteller and inventor of one of the world’s first augmented reality book for families (Wuxia the Fox), the radio of tomorrow will be the soundscape of a multi-screen daily experience where artificial intelligence and smart objects will allow for stories to be more meaningful for the audience. The radio industry is about to be profoundly disrupted by a tidal wave of new platforms. Are you ready for it?

This will change the way we experience music and connect with artists at a social level and it will be of a magnitude that goes much further than Napster and streaming services. From Shazam to Instagram and from Snapchat to chatbots, Belisle's in-depth analysis of the potential and limits of today’s technologies, has taught him that storytelling will soon be deeply impacted by data feeds from intelligent machines that will track our every movements and compile all our interests to influence our daily listening habits.

As the best way to predict the future is to invent it, he has harnessed tools like Google’s AI to create mixed-reality experiences that take audiences from a state of passive listening to a state of active engagement. That’s why he believes that tomorrow's multi-connected life has already started today.
Jonathan Belisle
Hello Architect
Montreal, Canada

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