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Saturday 05/11/2019
Sheraton A/B
12:30PM - 2:05PM
(1 hour 35 minutes)

Music Cities Summit: Case Study

A Hypothetical City Develops a Music Strategy and Is Accused by the DIY Community That it has Deliberately Excluded Marginalized Communities

Developing a music strategy requires careful thought and planning, no matter whether it has been sparked by city officials or from the grassroots. The music ecosystem is a kaleidescope of individuals and groups who form communities, engage with music in different ways and generate loyal followings. They may or may not have any relationship with City Hall, or may in fact, be wary of being noticed by city departments. There have been cases in cities in North America where subgroups within the music community felt marginalized or excluded by Music City efforts. Inspired by a session hosted by Melbourne Music Week in 2018, Lawyer Darlene Tonelli will lead participants through a hypothetical exercise where they collectively work through a moral dilemma to help navigate future problems. In this case, artists, city officials, music industry members, media and fans will walk step by step through a scenario where a vocal group of DIY music creators call out the city for leaving them on the sidelines.