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Saturday 05/11/2019
Sheraton A/B
10:00AM - 10:45AM
(45 minutes)

Music Cities Summit: Presentation & Panel Discussion

The Intersection Between Nighttime Economy and Music Strategies: How to Foster Cross-Industry Collaboration

Cities around the globe are increasingly intrigued by discussions about the nighttime economy, with more and more cities adopting strategies designed to protect and grow their cities "after dark". Music is often an important part of the vibrancy at night, but it's not uncommon for the music community to remain on the sidelines, or for nighttime strategies and music strategies to operate independently.
How do we stimulate greater cooperation and collaboration between the music and nighttime efforts? Our investigation will begin with firsthand experience from New York City, and the added insights of two of the world's most convincing advocates.
Mirik Milan
Global Night Mayor Advocate and Co-Founder
Vibe Land
Amsterdam, Netherlands