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Friday 05/11/2018
Sheraton Hall C
4:30PM - 5:30PM
(1 hour)

Super Session

The Producers: Springtime For Hit-Lists

In five years, no one may remember what an iPod looked like. But the job of the producer has survived every paradigm shift the music industry and technology has thrown at it. A song's destination may be a playlist in the cloud, but hits are still hits and great producers still use their ears and intuition to shape-shift them, wielding digital technologies while retaining the soul of the song. This panel features hit-making, award-winning and emerging producers from diverse genres in an exchange about how production has evolved and how the fundamentals have endured.
Lisa Patterson
Artist/Producer & Founder/Director
Imaginit Music
Toronto, Canada
Alysha Brilla
Musician/Producer/Arts Educator

Erin Costelo
Musician, Songwriter, Producer
Erin Costelo
Halifax, Canada
Gggarth Richardson
Producer, Nimbus Co-Founder/Partner
Nimbus School of Recording Arts Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada
Gus Van Go

New York, USA
Hill Kourkoutis
Award-winning Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist, and

Karen Kosowski
Record Producer, Songwriter, Musician
Karen Kosowski
Roy Hamilton III
Record Producer, Songwriter

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