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Wednesday 04/19/2017
Sheraton Hall C
11:50AM - 12:30PM
(40 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Augmented Reality: Beyond Pokemon Go

When in less than a month, last summer, Pokemon GO became the most popular mobile game in all of history, it confirmed that augmented reality was much more than just a gimmicky fad. Now artists, event organizers, content producers and digital marketers are trying to harness this new and versatile tool to tell immersive stories and broadcast messages and information through a new lens. How can AR be used to sell more content and merchandise? How can it be fluidly integrated in the marketing mix. Where does it fit in live events? How does it mesh with other elements like video mapping and VJing? How will digital media be impacted as new AR devices flood the market in the coming years?
Ted Cohen
Managing Partner
TAG Strategic
Los Angeles, USA