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Friday 04/21/2017
Osgoode Ballroom East
2:10PM - 3:00PM
(50 minutes)

Keynote & Panel Discussion

Music Sync in Film & TV

In the beginning there were silent movies. Then there were movies with sound. Then Television came along. Along with the spoken words, music became an integral part of pretty well every multi-media production. Music has the power and influences to make us feel happy, sad and jubilant. It stimulates an emotional, scene enhancing experience.

In this unbridled era of streaming, artists can still generate revenues from licensing their music. Join in on this important music and sync curriculum hosted by top Music Supervisors who have direct avenues to the engine rooms of the directors and producers who are the creators and curators of hundreds of productions both regionally and world wide.

Sponsored by:
London Sync Sessions, Guild of Music Supervisors
Michael A. Perlmutter
Music Supervisor, Producer
instinct entertainment
Toronto, Canada