Panel Details


Thursday 04/20/2017
Osgoode Ballroom West
11:10AM - 12:00PM
(50 minutes)

Panel Discussion

Brands in the Music Space: A Debate on the Pros & Cons

A spirited debate on the pros and cons of the ever emerging presence of brands in the music space. Is this trend of brand dollars flooding the music industry a necessary evil that ultimately erodes the authenticity of the art, or is there merit in connecting brands and bands for the benefit of all? South By Southwest itself has been criticized for the proliferation of brand presence at the festival, as have many artists that chose to align with commercial opportunities. Industry experts gather to discuss both sides of the argument, and explore how brands and emerging artists alike can benefit from this partnership strategy (if at all).
Adam Burchill
Director, Music Partnerships
MLSE/Live Nation
Toronto, Canada