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Close Talker

Saskatoon, Canada

Genre: Alternative,Indie,Rock

Similar to: Local Natives, The National, Bombay Bicycle Club
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Close Talker is the newest musical sensation to emerge from the prairies. Made up of four young men from Saskatoon, Close Talker is both the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and an expression of how much can be achieved with two guitars, a bass, and a set of drums. Formed in 2012 by Will Quiring (vocals, guitar), Matthew Kopperud (guitar, vocals), Jeremy Olson (bass), and Chris Morien (drums), Close Talker is a rock band with limitless vision and talent to match. 

Drawing on influences as diverse as Local Natives, The National, and We Are The City, Close Talker work within the framework of indie rock. But their use of spacey sounds and atmospheric pads create a luscious bed of textures that stretches far beyond the horizon. Their achievements are even more impressive because Quiring and Kopperud split their time between Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Their debut record, Timbers, was recorded over just a few days in December, 2012. 

A collection of eight songs that combine delicate textures, memorable melodies, and ?ashes of rock and roll grit, Timbers is 'a roadmap that doesn't shy away from the peaks and valleys of mature songwriting' (Chris Morin, Ominocity). It weaves 'a broad palette of sonic novelties into the fabric of guitar rock' (Alex J. MacPherson, Verb). From the propulsive riffs and edgy vocals that outline 'Creatures' to the gentle piano line and orchestral ambition of 'To The Coast,' Timbers unfolds 'with a weathered patience and a collection of well-directed guitar hooks' (Travis Persaud, The Omega). It is a tour de force for a band whose raw talent is outstripped only by the richness and depth of their inspiration. 

Timbers is an engaging record, whether it is played through headphones or at a party, but Close Talker are much more than a studio band. Although they have been only playing together for a matter of months, their show captures the nuances and subtleties that shape their sound without sacrificing the energy of live rock and roll. 'The group puts on a live show that pops with energy [and] the new record deftly captures their distinct use of harmony that hints at fellow bro rockers like Yukon Blonde or Half Moon Run.' (Jeanette Stewart, The StarPhoenix). 

After honing their live performance in Saskatoon, and on the road during a short tour of western Canada, the band will spend the summer of 2013 playing as many shows and festivals as possible. They are scheduled to appear at the Ness Creek and Ponderosa Music Festivals, the Gateway Festival, and the Regina Folk Festival. But this is only the beginning. The success of Timbers, as well as the band's ability to entertain crowds large and small with enthusiastic performances and infectious songs, shows that Close Talker are finishing the first chapter and beginning the second in what promises to be a long, thrilling story.