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Adrian Underhill

Kitchener, Canada

Genre: Pop,Alternative

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  1. Back Asleep
"Adrian Underhill plays a jangly indie pop that draws from any genre: folk, blues or world music, you name it.  It's clear how much fun he has with his own music, and how much you will too because the catchy melodies are contagious." - Pop Montreal 

"A perfect addition to our Canadian pool of musical talent. His arrangements are edgy and fun, and his lyrics, extremely compelling and heartfelt." - The Main 

Three years ago, Adrian Underhill was paying his dues playing rhythm guitar in an AC/DC tribute band. A recent immigrant to Montreal, the shaggy Terminal City transplant was welcomed with open arms by the motley crew of middle-aged West Island rockers. After shaking many a sweaty dive bar (all night long) Underhill has finally put on a shirt and set out on his own. 

Underhill sounds like an indie rocker falling in love with African and Latin rhythms, while remaining in a long-term open relationship with pop music. His songs are layered: catchy and inviting on top, rhythmically complex beneath the surface. His fresh sound reflects the down-tempo stylings of Chad Vangaalen, the driving pulse of Paul Simon, and the fiery quirkiness of Deerhoof. 

Beginning in the winter months of 2012, Adrian Underhill's following has taken root and sprouted, with live shows in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. He released his first EP, Back Asleep (Did I Wake Up?), in June of 2012 and has recently relocated to Kitchener, Ontario.