2016 Festival Band Applications
are now open

Canadian Music Week is your chance to perform in front of thousands of industry insiders from Canada and around the world. Talent buyers, booking agents, festival programmers, music publishers, A&R reps, managers, music supervisors, and more are all at your fingertips, looking for the next big thing. You can be one of them, but only if you submit.
Don’t put off your chance to be recognized until the end.

Apply to Win

Enter before September 1st for a chance to win a Gibson Les Paul Studio 2015 Guitar.

The Les Paul Studio has been a popular choice of hard-working guitarists everywhere ever since its introduction in 1983. Now, Gibson USA brings increased sonic versatility and performance upgrades to a new Les Paul Studio 2015, Enter now and be one of the first bands to be notified your acceptance to the festival.

Apply Now
If you have previously applied to CMW, you can login with your band’s username and password. Click the “remember your password” if you have forgot your login information. All of your information should be on file. Please review and update. If you have never applied to CMW before, just fill out the Register Now form on the right hand side. Application Deadlines for CMW 2016 are December 31st, 2015.