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Guest Blog: Lindsay Bea-Davis – CMW Networking 101

Music supervisor and licensing consultant Lindsay-Bea Davis shares her tips on how to get the most out of your conference schedule.  Boost your learning and networking opportunities at Canadian Music Week with her solid advice. Ok, let’s cut to the chase: CMW is about to explode and it’s time to decide how to make the most of the week. As a music supervisor, I come from the business side of music, so I personally approach the event with a strong focus on the conference. In order to keep your head above water in music business, it’s imperative to take every possible opportunity to keep up-to-date on current trends. The panels inform you on what changes are afoot within the industry and what trends are rising and falling all while providing you with a fast-paced, business-oriented environment to schmooze and network. That's 80% of the battle. Here is LB’s quick-guide to CMW success: -Take a look at the conference schedule. Identify the panels that interest you as an industry professional or artist (side note: smart artists keep up with the business side of things even if they don’t handle their own affairs).  Buy the right pass and consider it a valuable business investment. If you can’t invest in yourself, who will? -Make your own schedule that focuses on what’s relevant to you. Get up at the crack of dawn, drink insane amounts of coffee, and actually show up to the conference. Take lots of notes even if you have a great memory. Not only do you retain more information this way, you actually look like you are trying to learn something. -Show your pretty face and hang around the conference in-between engagements, as this is prime handshaking time. Always be brave enough to extend your hand first and don’t give a limp wrist.  Your handshake is the window to your soul, so show them you are strong and confident (which is a must for this biz). Eye contact and attentiveness goes without saying. -Ask people you admire and/or just met which showcases they are planning to attend. This gives you some insight on what’s hot and could lead to a second hang with this person and their contacts. -Don’t overcommit yourself to your showcase schedule. Make note of your must-sees, but be open to changing plans. You never know who will invite you to a show or what bands you will discover when you keep your options open. Everyone loves to see their favourite bands and friends play, but try to discover something new as well. It’s all part of the investment. -Remember that you can sleep when you’re dead. Get up early, work all day, play all night, and do it all again tomorrow. This does not mean being an out of control party animal. Know your limits because it’s clear to everyone else when you surpass them. -Finally, always have business cards, keep your phone charger with you, bring earplugs, and make sure there is always a smile on your face.  You’ve got this! All my love, Lindsay-Bea Davis ________________________________________________________________________________ Lindsay-Bea Davis Lindsay-Bea Davis is a music supervisor and licensing consultant who brings to the table nearly a decade of experience in the music industry. Working in Toronto, Los Angeles and Halifax with companies such as Instinct Entertainment, SOCAN, Creative Control Entertainment, The Guild of Music Supervisors, and Music Nova Scotia, Davis' resume includes clients such as Tyler Perry, Nick Cannon, and David Cross. @lindsaybea
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