March 22, 2013

WHO THE F**K IS ARTHUR FOGEL? (Films 2013, March 22)

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March 22, 2013 - March 22, 2013

7:00pm –

Tiff Bell Lightbox

World Premiere

Director: Ron Chapman – 93 minutes – Canada

Short: Raw, uncensored, revealing, Who the F**K is Arthur Fogel? Is the insider story of today’s multi-billion dollar pop music industry that is struggling to survive the meteor-like impact of massive technological change that has affected it like no other business on Earth… and one man who is trying to save it.

Long: “Arthur knows how to make the impossible possible,” claims Madonna. “He’s a touring genius.”

Bono says Fogel is “the easiest person in the world to deal with and make a deal with. Nothing is a problem.”

“First and foremost, he’s a musician. He’s a drummer…I think when you’re dealing with artists as a musician, you don’t need to push your weight around…you have a quiet confidence that’s about having mastered an instrument…I always feel he treats us as fellow musicians, rather than pieces in his business game.” – Sting

A drummer from Ottawa and the son of a former Montreal Alouette, Arthur Fogel rose through the ranks of the concert promotions business in Canada to become the most successful international tour producer in the world. As CEO of Global Touring and Chairman of Global Music for LIVE NATION, he is also, arguably, the most trusted man in music. With his personal, “hands-on” approach and masterful knowledge of world touring, Fogel has overseen the most profitable mega-tours in history, building lucrative partnerships with an elite group of artists including Madonna, U2, Sting, David Bowie, Neil Young, and Lady Gaga.

Known for his low-key style and steadfast relationships, Fogel is both a veteran of the game and a pioneer, determining the way the industry evolves in the 21st century. As recording artists increasingly rely on live performance and merchandising for the majority of their income, Fogel has established a formula for consistently delivering top-grossing tours for icons like Madonna and U2, that have seen their revenues skyrocket under his visionary direction.

Who the F**K is Arthur Fogel? is a fascinating look at the world of a quiet man at the centre of the high octane global music industry. Exploring the work and creativity that goes on behind the scenes, following Arthur Fogel as he oversees tours featuring some of the biggest names in the business. Through interviews with colleagues, music business observers and the superstars who trust him, we will offer a portrait of a man who commands great respect in the ever-changing, often treacherous global music industry.


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