Tom Jackson: Xtreme Performance Make-Over


TOM JACKSON: The Four Most Important Things to Improve Your Live Show: Capturing and Engaging Your Audience

5:30-7:30 PM Thursday April 20, 2017

Watch Live Music Producer, Tom Jackson, as he transforms a band while teaching you these important concepts that will help you create moments in your show, generate more income, build a fan base and help you have more control and fun on stage.

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Sponsored by: CM Logo H JPG Live Music Producers do with the Live Show what a Record Producer does with the Recording. Through onstage rehearsals, we help artists and bands find the unique moments in their music and performances to capture and engage audiences and build fans for life. on-stage-1 We help artists and bands communicate without compromising who they are. By analyzing live performances, we provide specific and personal guidance in two areas: 1) fundamental skills onstage, and 2) producing a final product, whether it’s a showcase, opening spot on a tour, or a headlining act. on-stage-2 Through the Live Music Producing process, artists learn movement, speaking, timing, how to deliver solos, manage cutoffs – they learn to create diverse moments, how to transition, what to say and where to say it, use pressure changes on the audience, and much more. tj-url For more information on Tom Jackson visit