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David Hayman

Music Supervisor,
Supergroup Sonic Branding Co.
Toronto, ON, Canada
David Hayman is the creative director and lead music supervisor at THE SUPERGROUP, Canada’s first music-supervision-only audio-house. Hayman is one of North America’s most respected and sought after music supervisors and sonic brand experts. He hopes you don’t give a shit about that. David’s built his career around creating honest and authentic win/win situations for bands x brands. He’s a veteran of both the film and music scenes, and he’s a devoted Canadaphile. Basically, he bleeds vinyl and maple syrup. It's messy, delicious, and edifying.

David and his team of merry curators are devoted to finding the perfect song for every dramatic moment, diving deep into The Supergroup's global network of publishers, labels and artists directly. They can nail the perfect sound for any given TV spot, and excel at developing integrated experiential campaigns that allow brands to connect emotionally and personally with their audiences.

The Supergroup owes its success to placing equal emphasis on "Super" relations and "Group" recall. No new music gets past us and no old gems are forgotten. We Are The Supergroup. We know music and we are here for you. Our global network of music supervisors (Paris/LA/NYC/London/Canada), led by the talents and experience of Creative Director, David Hayman, has the connections, knowledge and good taste to make your next production’s soundtrack a hit.