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Paul Farberman

Paul Farberman Entertainment Inc
Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Paul Farberman attended York University and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He was called to the Bar in 1978 and entered private practice specializing in entertainment law with particular focus on the music industry. He represented recording artists, songwriters, producers, production companies, managers and clients in the film, television and radio industries. Some of the clients he worked with included Rush, Saga, Triumph, Tom Cochrane & Red Rider, Jim Carrey and The Second City Comedy Troupe (SCTV).
After four years in private practice Paul joined CBS Records Canada as Vice-President of Business Affairs where he was the legal advisor and business representative for all activities of the company.
Miles Copeland then hired Paul as Vice-President, Business Affairs for IRS Records in Los Angeles. At both companies he worked very closely with the label heads to ensure that day-to-day business operated pursuant to the goals and objectives of the companies. He was responsible for negotiating and drafting all agreements for the company which included Recording Contracts; Publishing Contracts; Producer Contracts; Video Production Agreements; Foreign Distribution and Licensing Agreements; Sub-Publishing Agreements; Synchronization and Master Use Licenses for film and television; and Employment Agreements.
In 1991 Paul joined Universal Pictures as Vice President, Business Affairs for the Music Department and 5 years later joined 20th Century Fox as VP Business Affairs for their Music Department. His responsibilities at the studios included negotiating and drafting all agreements relating to the use of all music composed and recorded for feature motion pictures and television productions including agreements with composers of each score; individual and group recording artists; songwriters; producers; music supervisors; music consultants; music publishers; record companies for distribution of soundtrack albums and for the rights to utilize the services of various recording artists. He also reviewed and administrated agreements for all music licensed for use in all film and television productions.

Paul then joined Feeling Productions, the management company for Celine Dion, where he spent the next 17 years being involved in the day-to-day management of Celine Dion’s career with particular emphasis on handling all Business Affairs related matters. Paul’s responsibilities included dealing with the Record Company ; all Music Publishing; Merchandise; Live Performances; Licensing of Master Recordings; Film and Television; Video; Accounting and Financial matters; Sponsorships; Charitable Requests; and Collection Societies.

Currently Paul is providing managing and consulting services to various Artists, Songwriters, Actors, Producers, and various companies in the music, film and television industry.

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