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Michael Chugg

Chugg Entertainment
Surry Hills, NSW, Australia
After co-founding The Frontier Touring Company in 1979, in 2000 Michael Chugg went out on his own and founded Michael Chugg Entertainment, from there going on to garner a reputation both internationally and on home soil as one of Australia’s most prominent rock promoters, with 2011 marking the 50th anniversary of his event and concert promoting legacy. In 2004, Matthew Lazarus-Hall joined the organisation as Managing Director and the company evolved to Chugg Entertainment. From club shows to stadiums, festivals, special events and everything in between, Chugg Entertainment have worked with some of the world’s biggest acts from Elton John, Keith Urban, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, The Who and Radiohead to Robbie Williams, Pearl Jam, Simon & Garfunkel, John Mayer, Duran Duran, Coldplay, AC/DC and Bette Midler. The company has also co-promoted some of the biggest charity events the country has seen including Wave Aid (2005), Live Earth (2007) and Sound Relief (2009).

Michael Chugg is a well known public figure in his own right, running the PR machine for many of his tours and often being the media's "go to man" for an opinion on the music industry or the state of the nation.

Not shy to take hold of the microphone at a stadium event, many concert-goers will have experienced Michael Chugg, better known as "Chuggi", and one of his legendary on-stage rants, which all began with the now famous "You in the black t-shirt, stop running". At a sold out Guns N' Roses concert in 1993, thousands of punters stopped in their tracks.

Many of his accolades have been recognised with the plethora of awards Michael Chugg has received over the years including Pollstar’s International Promoter Of The Year (1999, 2008 & 2010), CMA International Talent Buyer/Promoter Award (2009), ILMC Lifetime Achievement Award (2008) and many more.

Outside the scope of live music, Chugg Entertainment has also been heavily involved in various live special events including the first ever World Dog Games and the great Cesar Milan live on stage. Furthermore, following a partnership with Backrow Productions, which saw the landmark live theatre productions of Swan Lake, Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert which has expanded into a run on London’s West End, Toronto, and Broadway.

In 2008 Chugg Entertainment opened an office in Singapore, continuing Michael’s passion for expansion and capitalising on his knowledge of the Asian market. In 2011 the Laneway Festival went outside of Australia & New Zealand and premiered in Singapore to 5,500 indie fans. The list of acts who’ve played Asia with Chugg Entertainment continues to grow, already boasting acts such as Florence & The Machine, Echo & The Bunnymen, Kula Shaker, Ian Brown, Motley Crue, The Drums and Warpaint. 2011 has been a big year in Asia with shows featuring Bob Dylan in Hong Kong and for the first time ever in Vietnam, Alice Cooper in Jakarta and Singapore and a triumphant sell out in Hong Kong for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

2011 has also brought with it an expansion in Chugg Entertainment’s TV To Live division with the announcement of The Captain’s Tour, the Alaskan fisherman from Discovery Channel’s global hit television series, Deadliest Catch, as well as the confirmation that Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, will be returning once more.

With the likes of Dolly Parton, Elton John and Tim McGraw & Faith Hill to come in the months ahead of us, it is clear that we have exciting times to look forward to, and that Chugg Entetainment continues to lead the way in dynamic, cohesive and successful international touring in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.