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Bruno Bressa

Commerical Manager,
Del King Entertainment
Composer, musician and writer.
He has been nominated for the Latin Grammy twice in 2007 for best rock song composer and in 2009 for best rock album.
Has been recorded 3 albums with his previous band Volovan with Universal and Warner Music, and 2 albums with his current band Buffalo Blanco on his own independent label Atlas32.
As a writer he released his first book CRITERIA published by Editorial Font in 2016 and is currently working on his sophomore book PAISAJES MENTALES to be reléase late 2018.
Bruno Bressa is now a booking and content manager in Del King Entertainment which is a company based in Monterrey NL, and in November 2018 they will be open the SHOWCENTER COMPLEX, A performing arts and music venue.

  • Thursday, May 10th, 2018
  • Sheraton Hall C
    10:40AM - 11:30AM
    (50 minutes)
    Export Development
    Focus on Mexico