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Chris Ferrante

Founder & CEO,
Kanata, ON, Canada
Ottawa's Chris Ferrante has been called many things: an avid guitarist, a punky trombonist, an eager business graduate, and an active member of the local music scene. Most recently he has proudly taken on the title of Founder and CEO of the fiery new music business start up, Bandbiz. Chris, a graduate of Carleton University's Bachelor of Commerce Degree, began to develop Bandbiz as a way to solve the money management issues that he and his fellow musicians faced day after day, gig after gig. With the support and contributions of Carleton's own "Lead to Win Business Accelerator" and the web developers at Cipher Talent, Bandbiz was created and officially launched as a live beta December 1st of 2016. Bandbiz is the tool that musicians don't know that they desperately need. Chris is keen to gather feedback and support to give Bandbiz the attention it deserves, allowing musicians to worry less about financial management and focus more on rocking out.

For musicians, money is earned in a variety of ways, and is spent in even more! Bandbiz is a web and mobile application designed to help freelance musicians with money, and merchandise management. Input income and expenses on the fly from our handy mobile app while keeping track of an endless amount of inventory items, storing receipt or invoice pictures, creating reports and much more!