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Chuck Randall

Tour Manager/Tour Accountant/Tour Director,
Alice in Chains & THE CULT
Background spans over 30 years of international tour experience. Has worked for many of our Industry’s top bands.

His experience and expertise has earned him a reputation as one of the top touring professionals. Expertise includes:
Conducted nightly show settlements.

Maintained comprehensive tour accounting
Administered salaries and per diems
Evaluated production requirements and costs
Supervised tour staff
Hired tour personnel and production vendors
Coordinated sound, lighting, staging, bus and truck companies
Advanced all tour dates with promoters and venues
Developed tour budgets and analyzed costs
Planned and negotiated travel arrangements
Prepared itineraries
Vet tour routing and venues with management and agent
Organized all press, media and record company obligations
Negotiated endorsements and industry relationships
Supervised band merchandising and merch accounting